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Portable Drilling Machines

Hearn Machine is the leader in Heavy Duty portable drilling solutions for steel fabricators.  Hearn Machine drilling machines that can drill holes from 1/2" up to 2 5/8".  Hearn can also provide portable machine set ups for milling and high speed drilling.  Hearn machines can even run upside down.


Big Hole Drilling Options

Do you have BIG holes to drill - 1- 1/2", 2" even 2- 1/2"!! - and cannot pre-drill them before fabrication?  Hearn Machine has the solution.  We have machines that can drill large holes in fabricated members in the shop and in the field.  The faster and more rugged option for big hole drilling.  Check out our demo video to see a Hearn Drill in action attacking big holes!!


High Speed Drilling with a Portable Machine

Hearn Machines has introduced a Direct Drive drill head and CAT40 spindle to enable users to upgrade to high speed drilling and carbide tooling for the fastest portable drilling options available in the market.  Speed up your yard and off-site drilling with a Hearn Drill with a CAT40 set up.


Customized Frames for Unique Projects

 Hearn offers a range of standard sized frames with widths from 3' to 6' and lengths from 4' to 12'.  We can also design a customized frame to meet the client's needs so they have a power of a Hearn Drill for a specialized set up. 


Surface Milling with a Portable Machine

Hearn Machine has the set up to solve your remote milling requirements.  Stop using hand milling tools for projects that do not allow for set up  on a standard milling machine.  The Hearn Machine Milling upgrade can convert a standard Hearn Machine into a milling machine that can work on almost any surface and even operate upside down.

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